Yehoudit Guedj Candidate

A brief description of hobbies in free time : I like to read, spent time with my family and my friends, take a walk in nature.

Educational background : 

Bachelor’s degree in Bioinformatics at Jerusalem College of Technology – Mahon Tal. 

From 2022, I am a Master’s candidate in the Department of Human Biology at the University of Haifa with a specialty in bioinformatics.

The subject of my research and what it promotes: In the lab, we focus on the study and computational analysis of B cell receptor repertoires. My research focuses on the investigation of specific sites on the immunoglobulin locus called recombinant signal sequence (RSS).

By investigating the spatial distribution of RSS sites, we aim to create a more accurate map of the highly conserved nature of heptamers and nonamers and to understand how these sites influence the precise rearrangement of immunoglobulin gene segments during B cell development.


  • 2023 Arthaton – participation as a research student in the field.
  • DSRC – Data Science Poster Day
  • 21st Israeli Bioinformatics Symposium (IBS2023)

Email :