Areen Shtewe

Lab Manager

A brief description of hobbies in free time: I studied biotechnology engineering and bioinformatics. I love complex systems and am fascinated by how life is both chaotic and perfectly organized. Food and people are key factors to my joy.

The subject of my research and what does it promote:  Speaking of complex systems , currently I am studying the human immune system and I’m curious about what makes this powerful system fail. In other words, what (in genome level) makes some people get sick while others live long healthy lives, and how is the shape of our immune system different?is there a specific measurable pattern for each? 


  • Identifying differences in  B cell receptor repertoire diversity and structure related to covid-19 infection severity and outcome – A model for  defining health state by examining repertoire diversity from multiple high throughput B cell receptor  sequencing experiments



  • Andrea Di Pietro, Jack Polmear, Lucy Cooper, Timon Damelang, Tabinda Hussain, Lauren Hailes, Kristy O’Donnell, Vibha Udupa, Tian Mi, Simon Preston, Areen Shtewe, Uri Hershberg, Stephen J. Turner, Nicole L. La Gruta, Amy W. Chung, David M. Tarlinton, Christopher D. Scharer & Kim L. Good-Jacobson,Targeting BMI-1 in B cells restores effective humoral immune responses and controls chronic viral infection. Nat Immunol 23, 86–98 (2022).